BETLINSKI offers its clients a wide range of options in the field of architecture and construction, including project management, technical management, the execution and completion of construction works, as well as the participation of a multidisciplinary team (communications, audiovisual, marketing etc.). With over 25 years of professional experience working on high-level architectural projects, BETLINSKI is committed to ensuring the highest expectations of the client are met.

BETLINSKI offers added value in this sector on the basis that experience and knowledge is shared between the different fields of expertise – project management and construction projects and technical management. This symbiosis creates a concept designed to better serve clients, where professional rigor ranks as our principal value and our corporate identity.

Our professional interest and motivation is to complete each project successfully for our client, as well as to our own sense of professional challenge.

BETLINSKI prides itself on a strong set of values that underpin our company and are applied to each project. These values include professional rigor, know-how acquired through experience, a business network available to our clients, a promise to fulfill our commitments, technical capability and organizational and professional collaboration.

BETLINSKI has participated in numerous ambitious projects, each of which has contributed to the development of our professional capabilities, always putting know-how and professional rigor at the disposition of the project, the team and above all the client.

BETLINSKI offers the following professional task:

  • Client Representative
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Technical Advisor
  • General Contractor