Client Representative

Our customers sometimes need to delegate a team to lead a project and its development.

Our participation as Client Representative allows customers to focus on managing their own business, being freed from the tasks of monitoring and daily management.

Usually, the task of Client Representative is done in collaboration with the project manager in the customer organization and strategic decisions are made jointly.

The key tasks that the Client Representative develops are:

  • Understand the objectives, priorities and needs of the client and project.
  • Plan with the client strategy to be employed in the project and the choice of systems and technical equipment.
  • Select and lead technical teams to meet the objectives of time, cost and quality.
  • To provide knowledge, experience and know -how to customer decisions.
  • Check and constantly analyze the evolution of the project and achievement of its objectives
  • Preparation of monthly reports on project status, decision-making of period shares outstanding important in strategic terms.
  • Link the project with business services and customer marketing.