Construction Management

BETLINSKI customer becomes a true Construction Company, fusing the concepts of Project Manager and Traditional Construction Company, offering all the benefits that entails:

  • Absolute transparency in studies of bids and awards.
  • Knowledge of the exact costs.
  • Ability to control costs permanent decision and planning.
  • Power decision on the choice of industrial and utility companies.
  • Profit can perform all direct purchases from manufacturers and construction firm net prices.
  • Have a team of Construction Enterprise for himself.
  • Betlinski provides the know-how and techniques Construction Company acquired skills to the project.
  • Objectives between the Client and the Construction Manager is shared, flees the usual system where the objectives of the Traditional Construction Company are totally different from the objectives of the property.
  • Check the contradictory prices without being subject to the usual excesses of construction companies.
  • Do not rely on a single construction company and the possibility of bankruptcy, or lack of provision for possible cash flow problems.

BETLINSKI organizes customer specific equipment for each project, Site Manager, technicians, managers and foremen as required for each project.

The Customer is informed and works on all major decisions outlets, adding to the management team to work as a single entity.

BETLINSKI’s fees in the CONSTRUCTION MANAGER mode is initially set depending on the characteristics of each project, and are always fixed, without increasing budget increase or term.

This is shared with the client’s objectives of economic control, l planning and quality control.

We firmly believe that this is the most equitable option to tackle a project, as there is full transparency and balance between costs and outcomes. Thus, the client gets the professional help of a consultant with common goals to him.

We adapt to each client and if necessary, we perform the tasks of general contractor. We offer traditional construction services, especially in the retail sector and rehabilitation of luxury homes.