Project Management

The main challenge of comprehensive works management is to establish absolute CONTROL of each of the elements or teams participating in the development of a project – to acquire a 360º vision of the project.

Our vast experience has contributed to our conviction that CONTROL is a guarantee of success; PLANNING CONTROL, ECONOMIC CONTROL and QUALITY CONTROL. This professional approach represents one of the key contributions we offer to the development of each project.

BETLINSKI analyzes the requirements of each new project and selects a team, and the most appropriate tools, to help the project run smoothly and successfully. We understand that each project comes with its own individual requirements. As such, we have a large group of highly professional collaborators who, once the needs analysis has been completed, form the group that will successfully complete the project.

We offer our clients the ability to free themselves of the entire project management process, professionally managing and coordinating every aspect of the project development. While we understand that each project requires a group of highly professional specialists, it is in the management and teamwork of this group that without doubt makes it possible to ensure the successful execution of the project.

We regularly collaborate, manage and coordinate professionals who carry out the following tasks:

  • Civil Engineering (Engineering and Architecture).
  • M&E engineering
  • Legal and Safety Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Audiovisual professionals
  • Marketing and communications consultants